Saturday, September 13, 2014

Eggs Feathers & Fur

Imposter - Oil on Panel - 22" x 24"
 Finalist in Art Renewal Center International Salon 2014
I am excited to share my new work with you and write a little about my process, ideas, daily life in the studio, my successes and my failures (and there are many). As a full time professional artist/wife/cook/mom, my life is full. I can be high-fiving the postwoman one minute and full of anxiety and self doubt the next but without a daily ritual of mixing my paints, picking up a brush and working on my painting I truly can not function beyond walking the dog. I will share here studio stuff like tips and tricks, up-coming workshops and events and a painting or two. Oh and if you haven't already guessed I like to paint eggs, feathers and fur into my works...somewhere!

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